Monday, 19 October 2009

Mad Men Essay Questions

In the exam you will need to discuss two or more media forms. To keep things for now we will examine one text for now.

Q. How would you define Mad Men as a post modern text? And explain why you would give this programme this label.


Q. Consider the ways in which post modern media challenge conventional relations between audience and text. Focus on Mad Men for your answer.

What follows is from page 39 of OCR's AS and A2

The four main prompt questions from the syllabus are as follows:

Post-modern Media

What are the different versions of post-modernism (historical period, style, theoretical approach)?
What are the arguments for and against understanding some forms of media as post-modern?
How do post-modern media texts challenge traditional text-reader relations and the concept of representation?
In what ways do media audiences and industries operate differently in a post-modern world?

Candidates might explore combinations of:
How post-modern media relate to genre and narrative across two media, computer / video games and new forms of representation, post-modern cinema, interactive media, reality TV, music video, advertising, post-modern audience theories, aspects of globalisation, parody and pastiche in media texts or a range of other applications of post-modern media theory.

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