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Case Study Links for "The Kings Speech"

The King's Speech as a British Film aimed primarily at UK and US audiences. Several KEY areas for case studies are in capitals and in bold.  (Even though this post is an example of exchange using Web 2.0,  other examples of Exchange will be added later.)

What makes a film British?
The UK Parliament's view from 2003 on what is a British fllm - see page 6 of the report for definitions  Have things changed somewhat since then?


EXHIBITION ISSUES and reviews: the film's reception (Awards - The Oscars. It is nominated for 12!)  (Nominated for 14 Baftas!)
Colin Firth on CBS talks about his role as King George VI with original footage of The King Stammering over his words

Critical Reviews of the Film (Christopher Hitchens is critical about some aspects of the film's historical accuracy and how this may wrongly influence the movie-going audiences.)

You Tube Reviews (Web 2.0 and EXCHANGE) ( The Americans seem somewhat ahead of us here. Audiences include your friends, too! We should really be aiming at UK audiences but these reviews also help out with the film's reception here and in the US.)  ( check out posters comments, too, as these review are interractive. Some newspaper reviews also allow Web 2.0 comments too.)
How about making your own review and publishing it on YouTube? You could canvass your friends' opinions about the film first before you produce it!

The Film's facebook page

The film's PRODUCTION notes

The Film's origins and how it became a co-production  ( The producers had to post the script through Geoffrey Rush's letter box - and received an angry reply from his agent!)  (A key article) ( the film began as a play!)

The Finance
The UK Film council contributed towards the financial backing for the film alongside Prescience films, a  UK Film finance company. Harvey Weinstein in the USA also had a share.

The King's Speech is a joint production so synergies would have arisen out of the two companies working together.

The PRODUCTION Companies ( the institutions which made the film) (Helpful for understanding several production issues.)

DISTRIBUTION, Marketing and The Value Chain
Momentum Pictures ,  the film's British DISTRIBUTOR  (This institution created the film's marketing plan and  marketed the film to UK audiences) (Useful for the film's posters)

The original speech given by King George VI on September 3rd 1939.

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