Thursday, 20 May 2010

Revision Questions and exam technique for Institutions and Audiences

The key assessment objectives for Institutions and Audiences and TV Drama are:

AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of media concepts, contexts and critical debates, using terminology appropriately and with accurate and coherent written expression. ( 30% of the mark)

AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding to show how meanings are created when analysing media products and evaluating their own practical work. ( 20% of the mark )

Write a brief plan which addresses the question's key words.

Think about your institution(s) and how they target their audiences in the UK.

 What are/were the issues and patterns for:
  • Production
  • Distribution and Marketing
  •  Exhibition
  •  Exchange
  • Technological Convergence (can be in any of the above)
  • Synergies (can be in any of the above)
  • Cross Media Ownership, etc.?

Remember to analyse the exam question for its key words and phrases to ensure that your answer's ARGUMENT is relevant. It's good exam technique to use some of the question's key words and phrases in your introduction to get you started with your essay's argument. You also need to refer to the question's key words and phrases regularly in subsequent paragraphs in which you make various points in your argument.

AO1 is the most important assessment objective for Institutions and Audiences: (The UK Film industry) You can show a broader context by making comparisons with big US institutions and their films to throw light on the issues facing UK based institutions for choices of genre, budgets, casting, technology, special effects, marketing, exhibition, the targeting of audiences, critical reception, etc.

Practice Exam Questions
Answer the questions below, making detailed reference to examples from your case study material to support the points made in your answer.

1. Eric Fellner, who heads Working Title Films argues, "It's not the film industry, it's the film business".
To what extent to you agree with this statement?

2. "Media production is dominated by global institutions, which sell their products and services to national audiences." To what extent do you agree with this statement?

3. To what extent is production, marketing and distribution important for an institution's success in the British marketplace?

4. How important is technological convergence for institutions and audiences within a media area which you studied?

5. To what extent have audiences influenced and affected an institution which you have studied?

6. Discuss the issues raised by an institution's need to target specific audiences within a media industry which you have studied.

7. To what extent has exhibition and exchange affected an institution which you have studied?


davesgud said...

you may find this video on narrative analysis very helpful...

Jen A2 media studier said...

I need help with media I'm doing CSI Miami Strictly come dancing and Top Gear for tv in doing The Blindside Looking For Eric and Twilight for The film part and for game I'm doing: grand theft auto 4 Little big planet and Second life. Film is representation narrative and genre. Tv and game is industry and audience. Any tips you used to be a teacher didn't you? I need a B in media please help me please please please I'm so nervous for this exam on the 15TH OF JUNE, xx please help