Saturday, 10 May 2008

Media Statistics - but they are dated

This is an interesting website with a range of information that has a cut off point in the 1980s. It would give you a historical understanding of the development of the media in Britain if nothing else.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Writing essays for action-adventure films

View the film four times.

After making your notes as each area of film do the following:

  • Briefly explain WHAT is there in the scene and how it includes action-adventure conventions including locations. (If you can work out the director’s purpose for constructing the scene state it now.)
  • Give examples from each aspect of film language on HOW THE FILM LANGUAGE creates meaning and fits or subverts conventions of the film’s genre.
  • Conclude with an evaluation WHY the film language is used/there and its impact on the viewer.

When using theory you can apply it directly to your points when discussing conventions and their representation in the scenes/films.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Audience and Institutions paper (New Media Technologies)

Question 2b often encourages the use of statistics to establish the usage of a "new technology". Here are a few links with some of those statistics. If you cannot find the statistics on users and sales that you need for your particular case study enter appropriate terms in the search boxes of the same site for your new media technology. Remember also that user and sales statistics can also be useful for issues and future developments. The exam is now only a few weeks away!

This link is useful for broadband usage/users. The others are self explanatory.