Sunday, 19 December 2010

Post Modern Media Controversy Essay

Postmodern Media Controversy Essay by tom and chris
Okay as an example. But it is possible to do better by exploring scenes and parts of texts.

Video Games and Tentpole (event) films - which is the more rewarding experience?

Is playing modern video games a more rewarding experience than watching "tentpole" (event) films? Here's a insightful video essay which suggest this is so. This is worth watching for AS students who want the latest angle on media convergence for their case studies and for A2 students studying Post Modern Media for the Media Issues and Debates unit. Yes, the genre boundries are blurred between the silver screen and video games. And the latter offer a far more immersive experience.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some Case Study Concepts Mapped Across The Key Areas For Film4

Click on the image to enlarge. Then click on it again to magnify it. This may help you see where you can argue some of the seven key concepts across your case study. This one is for Film4 but the principle would hold for other institutions and their films.

Tron Legacy - Case Study Information for Marketing This Film.

Here's a link to excellent resources on this film and its institutions by Mr Smith. It's fresh and up-to-date. I know of at least one re-sit student who will appreciate this link, as he has been telling me about this film.

Postmodernism and ways of identifying post modern texts

A glossary of useful terms with explanations.

Just one of the links to one area of text, television. You might easily explore music videos or films instead.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Chris Anderson Explains His Theory of "The Long Tail" and The Potential for Marketing in Our Age

Shelf space in supermarkets for selling DVDs and screens for showing films in multiplexes are limited. Bottleneck's in distribution have distorted our understanding of the market for films and by extension, our culture. Chris Anderson argues that niche products/films have an enormous untapped audience which can now be reached digitally through Web 2.0 and the internet. The digital marketing revolution is upon us - and will bring those who understand it wealth beyond their dreams! 

"Selling less of more".
Chris Anderson explains it in this short video.

And here he explains it using the film industry more informally.