Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Very good case study for Institutions and Audiences


SMedia said...

Hi There Frank its Sam Fowler From last year. I know a bit of a blast from the past haha. Im afraid i dont have your email so didnt know how else to contact you. Im still studying Media Theory of part of my course at University and my personal chosen topic is Postmodernism. If you get any of your students to look at something over the next few weeks, or even yourself, its Charlie Brooker's recently broadcast programme named 'Black Mirror' Broadcast on channel 4. The programme breaks boundaries one could not even dream of and is truly a remarkable programme and so well written. I hope you will consider viewing this postmodern masterpeice here is a link Hopefully you catch it before it expires online.
Hope to hear from you soon
Sam Fowler

SMedia said...

Apologies the series is named 'Black Mirror' The specific episode im speaking about is named '15 Million Merits' and the title explains itself in the programme
Yet again all the best
Sam Fowler

Dog said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for this link. I like Charlie Brooker and I'll certainly check it out.

Good luck with your studies at Uni. I'm chuffed you are doing pomo.

If you ever need to get in touch here's my college e-mail:

My very best wishes