Saturday, 14 May 2011

Case study exemplars: an AS case study blog by Eleanor Watson and a link to a teacher's blog

Eleanor's excellent blog on Institutions and Audiences is definitely worth reading before your exams. Have a look, too, at her other pages as she has covered key areas for the exam and looks well prepared.

Has she researched something that you did not?

BTW in the nick of time for the exam The King's Speech, has just been released on DVD! It can be had from Morrisons for only 9 quid. See your case study film as it deepens your understanding of your case study.

Here's a teacher's blog with all-in-one case studies for films. Very interesting work for revision and also a "must-see" before the exam. When you visit click on the blog headings to see the images full sized.

Best wishes for the exam.

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