Friday, 2 April 2010

Perception and Reality in "Mad Men", Episode 10, Series 3

Here's a well-written write up of a remarkable episode, "The Color Blue" from Mad Men's Season 3. The episodes deals with the characters perceptions of reality - a post modern idea our class is "looking at" presently with "The Truman Show".

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Do you suffer from "Truman Syndrome"?

The next time you log onto Face-book, and "immerse" yourselves in a hyperreal world of avatars and simulated friendship, consider whether you imagine yourselves to be in a "reality TV show" where everyone is pretending to be your friends.
  • How genuine is this "friendship" in hyperspace, particularly from those you have never met?
  • Is hyperbole and flattery and a lack of sincerity representative of "real" friendship?
  • Do you like to be watched and observed because you think you are important?
  • Do you imagine yourself to be in everyday film in which the world around you is your set, with you acting out a role?
  • Are you growing increasingly paranoid at being ignored or being observed?
  • Do you think you should be a 'celebrity" because you have hidden talents?
  • When you are in college do you think you are acting a role or being a version of yourself when you talk with others?
  • Do you think your life lacks meaning unless you put on an act?

Then you could be suffering from "Truman Syndrome"!

Roy Greenslade on The Truman Syndrome - with readers comments

A Kodak TV ad from the early 1960s - nostalgia

Was this the inspiration for Don Draper's Kodak Carousel presentation from episode 12 of the first series of "Mad Men"? Examples of Don's nostalgic view of early married life can be found on YouTube. Of course, the audience knows about his life as a serial adulterer.