Thursday, 1 April 2010

Do you suffer from "Truman Syndrome"?

The next time you log onto Face-book, and "immerse" yourselves in a hyperreal world of avatars and simulated friendship, consider whether you imagine yourselves to be in a "reality TV show" where everyone is pretending to be your friends.
  • How genuine is this "friendship" in hyperspace, particularly from those you have never met?
  • Is hyperbole and flattery and a lack of sincerity representative of "real" friendship?
  • Do you like to be watched and observed because you think you are important?
  • Do you imagine yourself to be in everyday film in which the world around you is your set, with you acting out a role?
  • Are you growing increasingly paranoid at being ignored or being observed?
  • Do you think you should be a 'celebrity" because you have hidden talents?
  • When you are in college do you think you are acting a role or being a version of yourself when you talk with others?
  • Do you think your life lacks meaning unless you put on an act?

Then you could be suffering from "Truman Syndrome"!

Roy Greenslade on The Truman Syndrome - with readers comments

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