Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Facts and Stats on your section B case studies

Make sure you have have your facts and statistics for you case studies so you can argue giving details. Know, for instance, your box office ( exhibition ) for the UK for your films. Then you can decide how people consumed them. New Line Cinema's "Sex In The City 2" got bad reviews and fairly bombed at the UK box office with only around £6 million taken on wide release. The film itself cost $100 million and most of that went on the stars. The reviews on Amazon UK and USA and on You Tube mostly slate the film. Yet on Amazon UK the film is number 9 on the best selling DVDs! Maybe people did not want to shell out for exspensive cinema seats and waited for its home entertainment release to watch it on any number of viewing platforms. So, maybe its target audience will want another one!

The best websites for getting detail quickly are IMDB (Scroll down on your film and see "Main Details"), Amazon UK and Wikepedia.

Whatever the question technological convergence will be important. This concept is ever present and will, no doubt, be significant for all exam questions.

Underline the key words and phrases in the question and write down a plan consisting of key areas and concepts (ideas).  Aim to debate and argue.

Good luck.!There is always the summer to have another go!

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