Wednesday, 14 October 2009

An essay plan for patterns and issues of an institution's ( film) production

This is a cut down version of a similar essay you will write which will later include the distribution and exhibition issues of your film institution. We will work on how you can discuss technological convergence and synergies across all three areas as you produce your blogs. Notice how I've tried to integrate arguments for them on each of the three parts of the institution case study.

Here is the essay question that you began in class. Remember to use its key words and phrases for your answer as you are not expected to reel off everything you know about the institution and a film it recently produced, distributed and exhibited:

The Essay Question

It is not the film industry; it the film business.
( Eric Fellner of Working Title Films )

Using detailed examples from your case studies discuss the issues and patterns which enables your institution to thrive as a film business.

Click on the image to enlarge. Oops! Missed out on the director. Still, the writer, Richard Curtis, also directed this film.

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