Sunday, 25 October 2009

Intertextual References in the Opening Credit Art Sequence of "Mad Men"

Saul Bass’s innovative title sequence to Alfred Hitchcock’s “North By North West”, set against Manhattan skyscraper (1959). Notice also how this is an early example of "reality" being reflected against the skyscraper, which is iconic of New York. There is certainly "a play" on images here.

Casino Royal's brilliant opening sequence was inspired by Maurice Binder's opening sequences for Bond Films from the 1960s-1980s. Binder died in 1991. The theme of identity is also reflected in the images and the song's lyrics.

The opening sequence to Alfred Hitchock’s “Notorious”. The second scene’s introduction of Carey Grant’s character influenced the cinematic style of Mad Men’s, Cinematographer, Phil Abraham’s repeated shots of Don Draper back portraying him as enigmatic and deceptive. The sequence to note begins three minutes in.

"911 and The Falling Man". Of course, skyscrapers have always been a key part of the iconography of New York.

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