Sunday, 13 December 2009

Exhibition Issues for "The Boat That Rocked" - Audience reception and digital piracy

These are just a few comments on the longest theatrical trailer:

Notice how several, "spam" comments, refer to websites where you can download the film free online. YouTube clips for the film are riddled with spam like this. This is one of the results of WEB 2.0 and the interactive nature of digital technology. It's a form of piracy, of course, and another example of technological convergence - something which can cut both ways for the distribution of the film - profitably and unprofitably. This is somewhat ironic given the fact that the original  pirate radio DJs on Radio Caroline didn't pay royalties to recording artists when they played their songs in the mid 1960s! The spam is aimed at young people who are "time rich and cash poor".

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frederickbington (7 hours ago)  
it was so damn superb to watch it. I seriuously just want to see it one more time at movies.ovemedia. com
gisellegingerih4 (19 hours ago)  
i saw this movie last night very stupid but at the same time creepy but it got better at the end .. anywayz this site offers the whole movie movies.ovemedia. com
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wanessawilliam (1 day ago)  
This film is superb but highly over rated still keeps up with the high end budget horrors... I always find to make it more scary you need to watch it late at night while home alone... Anyway for anyone who hasnt see it you can watch it where I did movies.ovemedia. com
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revolutionschild666 (2 days ago)  
This trailer implies that The Count is the protagonist of this movie, which is wrong of course

No worries tough, it still is a genius movie
burnyholley (3 days ago)  
I seriously can't believe that they already got this movie to the internet! my pal showed me this web site uploaded at movies.ovemedia. com
jimifloydrix (3 days ago)  
what the hell, 8 spams in a row?
also: looks good. even if 1:41 ...
adeleeaster (3 days ago)  
You can watch the newest movies here: free-movies-on-line( . )com
pingugore445 (3 days ago)  
whats thee name of the song at 0:28?

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