Thursday, 7 May 2009

Working Title Films - brief fact sheet

This should prove useful for comparing production issues of the British Film industry with your case study production company. It was taken from a mini case study by Michael Walford at Kinoeye. Of course, this is just some bare bones. You could extend this by researching "Working Title Films" further by visiting their website and searching for information about this company and comparing its production, distribution and exhibition issues with Hollywood Studios.

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Produce your own fact sheet and THINK about the issues that it throws up.

For instance:

  • how British is "Working Title Films"?
  • why do they make "American" films as well as British ones?
  • what, if any, are the dividing lines between the American and British Film industries?
  • how important are budgets and how does budgets for British Films differ from US ones?
  • what is meant by "talent"?
  • how long does it take to "develop" films?
  • why is it important to develop "the talent" and "relationships" in the British film industry
  • why does WT and Film 4 make films using established and new directors?
  • why did "Working Title Films" create a budget film company, "WT2"?
  • why are "heritage films" usually made by British production companies?
  • what is WT's criteria for putting films into production?
Ask questions as you study WT and apply them also to your own case study producers.

For more information see:

A message to Dave, Patty and my classes!

Remember that after creating films of your own that you have formed your own production companies and that you used Web 2.0 ( Blogger and Youtube, etc. ) which is an outcome of technological convergence to share your work! Technology is getting smaller and enabling us to make and distribute our own films. Films that you worked hard to plan, create and share. We are increasingly living in a world in which we can craft and make our own cultural products - and take time to create them as well as we can.

A list of films with links made by Working Title Films;produced+by;Working%20Title%20Films%20%5Bgb%5D

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