Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Big Six Media Giants and Charts of What they Own

This website is perhaps THE most important site for understanding the extent, depth and ownership reach of the mammoth corporations who own the major film studios in Hollywood. If your case study is about a Hollywood studio and its films check out its ownership of film and other media - and CONSIDER the implications for audience choice, particularly for the type of genres and narratives that audiences are expected to "lap up". Do you consider the ownership of major film studios by so just a handful of multinational companies healthy or damaging for our society? How can miniscule British film companies survive in the teeth of such competition and ownership? What choices of genres and films do British film companies like Chanel 4's Film Four and Vertigo Films offer? Who, by the way, owns Virtigo Films? How are British films distributed when distribution is nearly all owned and controlled by American companies?

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