Monday, 21 March 2011

Disney's "Mars Needs Moms" - A flop so bad it could end the 3D boom!

For the Institutions and Audiences paper  a film's failure is sometimes more instructive than its being a success.  Disney's $175 million flop could spell the end of the current spate of 3D film making and end  expensive spending in CGI and other costly effects using digital technology. There's a recession on, you know. And it may be set to get much worse after the summer. The impact of this for big tent-pole and 3D films could be dramatic, especially when films like The King's Speech can be produced for less than $12 million dollars and win Oscars and Baftas.

This is an interesting read for its facts, statistics and arguments about the current state of films which are destined for US and UK audiences.

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