Sunday, 28 November 2010

Up-to-date institutional information for Film4 - with questions to help you establish an overview

This institutional information for Film4 is crucial for keeping case studies up-to-date; if, for example, your main case study is "Slumdog Millionare", then you ALSO need to show awareness of other films Film4 have recently produced: their genres, budgets, directors, producers, box office success, etc.. You need to know how they go about making films. Remember that things are ALWAYS changing, so you need to be one step ahead of other students by keeping your case studies on your institutions current. The image on the right is of Film4's Tessa Ross.

Great institutional information on Film4 from page 14.

Read the articles in this section and answer as fully as you can the following questions:

1. What is Film4's remit (its reason and purpose for being)?
2. What types of films are green-lighted by Film4? Give examples of films and genres.
3.  Why is Tessa Ross regarded as "the mother of British film-making" and therefore instrumental for Film4's success?
4. How much is Film4's yearly budget and how much of it did "Slumdog Millionaire take up? ( Be careful with this one as co-productions, UK Lottery money and deals with Pathe, etc. helps make Film4's budget stretch further!)
5. Why does Film4 form partnerships with other companies/individuals?
6. What is the future for Film4 - budget and film-wise?

Read this article to assess the state of the UK film industry!


Mr Smith said...

Do you mind if I use this with my students?

Dog said...

Of course you can, Mr Smith. There's no need to ask.
BTW I used this as a set-up for a creative task in which students pitched a new film to a stand-in Tessa for Film4. I'll share the task by e-mail, if you'd like to use it.