Monday, 20 September 2010

The Road To Coronation Street - a post modern text?

This dramatic reconstruction of Coronation Street's origins is full of postmodern nostalgia and playful irony. It resonates with viewers who grew up with this programme.

Part One of The Road To Coronation Street

Part Two of The Road To Coronation Street

The same scene from the beginning of Part Two between Pat Pheonix's Elsie Tanner and her son, Dennis Tanner from Coronation Street's first episode in December, 1960.

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In-1960-gritty-new-ITV-drama-called-Coronation-Street-aired-7-412-episodes-later-origins-recreated--BBC.html  ( A really good blog post!)

A post modern soap fest

A postmodern-sentimental-journey.html

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