Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Essays and resources on "The Truman Show", "The Matrix" and Jean Baudrillard

Worth reading, or at least dipping into.
David J Glover's essay on "The Matrix", "The Truman Show" and Jean Baudrillard

Short but definitely enlightinging on hyperreality in "The Matrix".
Prof. Lopez's thoughts on "The Matrix"

Another short, but worthwhile piece by Prof. Lopez on "The Truman Show" and simulacrum.
"The Truman Show and Simulacrum"


Mr Smith said...


It's Mr Smith from Mr Smith's blog. I've 'borrowed' some of your blog posts and placed at link to your work on our College's (Lutterworth) blog.

I've only been able to credit you as 'Dog' as there appears to be no official name for you.

If you object just say and we'll remove it.

Dog said...

Hi, Mr Smith

You've a fairly lively and interesting blog output yourself! My more proactive students studying post modern media would do well to visit your blogs.

Of course, you, your colleagues and students are welcome to link to anything from this blog.

Frank (aka - dog, short for dogberry.)