Saturday, 6 February 2010

Our world of hyperreality and media manipulation

We were discussing the representation of video game female characters in an A2 lesson the other day while studying post modern media. The manipulation of reality is at the core of most media - and with digital technology this manipulation has never been easier to achieve. If, as Jean Baudrillard argued, we are all living in a world of hyperreality then the unmade up, young woman possibly represents "pure" reality that is almost never represented in ANY FORM through the media.

Jean Francois Baudrilliard thought that we are all living in a world of hyperreality. It is as if we are all part of a video game's world. Anyone playing games like Grand Theft Auto IV are participating in an even more concentrated form of hyperreality!  Here's a link to a great page which explains Baudrilliard's idea on simulacra in a straightforward way. Click this link

This short video is a demonstration of how our perception of beauty is manipulated through advertising and a variety of "make up and touch-up" artists. The result is world of signs, logos, billboards, TV and radio ads, programmes, film, videogames, television news, etc. which create a world of hyperreality where the "real" is lost within that virtual reality game that is now our world!

And, the inevitable parody.

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