Thursday, 30 April 2009

Institutions and Audiences - Key Terms For Film

Make this your starting point. How do British film production companies and distributors survive and prosper given their more powerful neighbour, Hollywood? What is the current state of the UK film industry? To be specific focus your case study on a UK institution from which you can later make comparisons with US production companies.

Links to get you started on researching UK film/distribution companies.

As you research make a list of subject specific key terms, i.e. "an integrated film company. production slate, etc."

Vertigo Films ( essential videos with interviews/information ) (some history)

Film 4

BBC Films

Working Title Films

Hogarth Pictures

UK Production Companies and Studios ( An extensive list with links to many lesser known UK film companies.)

UK Cinemas and Distributors

Several video interviews with key players on various aspects of the British film industry

Click on the image to enlarge. This should be used with the concept map graphic for "higher/big concept" key terms.

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