Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Group research/presentation task for timelines on how film techniques and technology evolved over time

To my students ( in both classes)

The aim is to deepen your understanding of film language and how its techniques and technology evolved over time.
In small groups you will be given various terms on plastic cards. Research ONE area of film from the following for the task below:
  • sound

  • camera shots, angles and movement

  • editing

  • special effects

The Task

Produce a time-line to show the evolution of film language and technology in your assigned area. Be also prepared to give brief comments on the following aspects of your area of film in your time-line:
  1. the country of origin for the technique/technology

  2. the first director and/or film to use the technique/technology

  3. the effect on the film industry or audiences
Resources and where you should look for information for your selected area of film language
A time-line maker
The Internet - Google using key words, phrase and even sentences.

Appropriate film and media books and magazines from the Library

(You can re-use the sets of cards if you wish for your presentation afterwards). Alternatively you can adapt the Media Language Powerpoint with new images, etc. The Powerpoint is on the front page of the Year 12 Media folder on our Intranet.

Here's a few example websites to get some of you started.
Deadline - one week (includes presentations) You will be graded on your effort, knowledge and quality of your presentation.

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