Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Headings for researching your case studies for the New Media Technology paper

The Audiences and Institutions Paper

New Media Technology Case Study Headings

Make sure your list of key words helps support many of your points where appropriate under these headings. You can either produce a PowerPoint or a Blog to represent your research. Devote pages to each heading after doing your research.

1. Give a detailed description of the technology that you are researching.

2. What is this new media technology’s history? (Give a brief history)

3. Explain your chosen new media technology’s uses and applications (that is, what it can do and the various ways in which it can be used.)

4. Identify the producers (institutions) of this NMT and explain who has hegemony in the market. (You will need statistics, sales, countries, the companies’ reach, the NMT’s models and how they vary in how they are used and their appeal, etc.)

5. What are the issues for this NMT? This will depend on the NMT. For instance, can it be used illegally; are their different competing technologies for the same NMT. For example, think about how consumers need to make the right decision on Blue Ray DVDs as buying the wrong format may be expensive in the long run. Consider related issues.

6. Who consumes the technology? Who is expected to use and buy it? (Audiences) intended market? How are consumers targeted by advertising?

7. Future developments? Where is the technology going? What can we expect to see happen to this technology in future? For instance, will there be more convergence?

Presentations will take place after half term. You will be given a lesson and a slot in which you give your presentation as either a Powerpoint or a Blog.

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